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Sniper Elite V2 Hardcore mod zAlteredBeastz 2014

Sniper Elite V2 Hardcore mod zAlteredBeastz 2014

  • It features :
  • - No health regeneration
  • - No hud indicators
  • - No bullet tracers indicating the positions of your enemies
  • - No more Zoom / Slowmo when you hold your breath
  • - The scopes of enemy snipers no longer glint, making them more difficult to detect (trust your ears and stay covered !)
  • - The vehicles fuel caps no longer shine
  • - No more heartbeat when you use your sight ( just the breathing)
  • - No distortion sound, heartbeat sound, and strident sound when you are in a critical condition for more comfort (otherwise the sounds make you crazy when you 're injured more than 5 minutes!)

  • Bonus :
  • - Slowmotion mode


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